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Other Titles by Jonathan Eastland

More titles by Jonathan Eastland by other publishers. Some out of print works can occasionally be found listed with on-line booksellers such as www.amazon.co.uk. Ajax Editions occasionally has limited stock of some titles for sale; please revisit our books page for availability.

HMS VICTORY Now Out! ISBN 1844152936 Published by Pen & Sword Maritime October 2005. Co-authored with Iain Ballantyne. The story of the seven ships named Victory - the full horror, majesty and thunder of naval warfare in the age of fighting sail revealed through first hand accounts of those who were there.

GREAT YACHTS & THEIR DESIGNERS. ISBN 0228118208. Published by Rizzoli (USA) and Adlard Coles Nautical (GB).

THE ROMANCE OF TALL SHIPS. ISBN 1861601266. Published by Grange Books.

THE ROMANCE OF TALL SHIPS. ISBN 1850762430. Published by Quarto Publishing.


CITYSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY. ISBN 0713443375. Published by B.T.Batsford.

CAMERA AT SEA. ISBN 1852532122. Published by Ashford Buchan & Enright.

ESSENTIAL DARKROOM TECHNIQUES. ISBN 0304350869. Published by Blandford Press & Cassell Plc. 3 editions.

CAMERA AT SEA (1st Ed.1975). ISBN 0904746003. Published by Ajax Publishing(Sussex) Ltd.,

KAMERA TILL SJOSS (Camera at Sea Swedish edition). ISBN 9129478391. Published by Raben & Sjogren, Stockholm.

LEICA-M COMPENDIUM. ISBN 1897802056. Published by Hove Books.

LEICA-R COMPENDIUM. ISBN 1897802072. Published by Hove Books.

LEICA R8. ISBN 1897802099. Published by Hove Books.



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