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Used and/or out of print books by Jonathan Eastland occasionally available from Ajax Editions.

Please contact picturedesk@ajaxnetphoto.com to confirm availability & ordering details.

CITYSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY. ISBN 0713443375. Published by B.T.Batsford 1985.190X250mm, hardback, case bound in black cloth, gold blocked title, 167pp, 118 b+w photos + 12 colour.

The great cities of the world, paying tribute to the past and bearing witness to the developments of the modern age, provide the photographer with an endless supply of material... Spurred on by a superb collection of the author's photographs, the keen photographer will learn about the various types of equipment and format available and the particular problems of this field of picture making.... Jonathan Eastland covers the areas of visual perception, light and weather conditions and the importance of pre-planning....A final chapter is the author's own view of Paris.

No digital in this book! An absorbing read for enthusiasts who still enjoy working with film. Printed by Butler & Tanner, excellent b+w reproductions.


CAMERA AT SEA - A Professional Approach to Marine Photography. ISBN 1852532122. Published by Ashford Buchan & Enright, published in 1990. 205 x 265 mm, hardback, case bound in red cloth, gold blocked title.160 pp.

In this informative and entertaining guide, Jonathan Eastland draws on over 20 years experience of shooting pictures in and around the sea, offering authoritative advice on all factors which make the difference between an average picture and a stunning, saleable one....and a host of other crucial but little-known details relevant to this challenging and rewarding activity...an invaluable reference tool for serious hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, this highly readable guide will open up a whole new world of potentially lucrative subjects.

Dust wrapper note on Camaera at Sea - A Professional Approach to Marine Photography ,
"Jonathan Eastland's work reflects the very essence of photo-journalism: direct, dramatic and visually informative. His photography, allied to an inquiring, sometimes abrasive, yet always objective approach to techniques and materials, creates images and stories of rare quality."
David Warr, Editor of Professional Photographer magazine.




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