Prints are available for any Ajaxnetphoto image displayed in our archives on the Alamy plaform. e-mail us at picturedesk@ajaxnetphoto.com if you see an image in the Archive from which you would like a print. Please include the Alamy image reference number.

Photographic, photo and art Ink-Jet and canvas prints are supplied to customers on the understanding and customer agreement that all prints ordered will be for personal use only and that prints so supplied will not be copied, digitally scanned or manipulated or integrated in part or in whole in any other image or used for publication or internet use or stored and reproduced by any means including all electronic means now known or yet to be invented or used for the production of artworks or artwork montages or exhibited in a public place by any means now known or yet to be invented. The purchase of a print or prints from Ajaxnetphoto.com does not entitle the purchaser, the purchaser's employees, agents or any third party to reproduce or publish it in any way. Original images are available for reproduction use and may be licensed through its Ajaxnetphoto archives hosted on the Alamy.com platform. The purchase price of the print does not imply, warrant, guarantee or include the transfer of any image copyright in the image or print(s). No guarantees are made, warranted, offered or implied regarding the exclusivity of print(s). There are no limits on the number of other prints sold of the same image. Ajaxnetphoto.com does not warrant, guarantee or imply colours of the prints received by you match your on-screen viewed image or any other printed or electronic or filmed reference to the image.  Please direct reproduction license enquiries to picturedesk@ajaxnetphoto.com

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