LEICA MP-MP Questions & Answers by Jonathan Eastland

ISBN: 0 9536241 4 5
Format: A5. Laminated 4 colour cover. 48 pages.
Publisher: Ajax Editions.
Published price: GBP9.95. Publication date: March 2004.

This recent 48 page book by the author of the much acclaimed Leica-M Compendium, M7 and M6TTL Handbooks, fills a gap in Leica literature, answering many of the questions posed by newcomers to the world of Leica from both the professional and enthusiast point of view. Attributes of the new Leica MP are comprehensively discussed in conjunction with concise but brief chronological specifications of all Leica-M models since the M3 of 1954.

Jonathan Eastland's work has been widely published throughout the world in newspapers, magazines and calendars for more than 35 years and he is the author of many other books on photography . The awards he has received for his contribution to marine photography are legendary. Above all, he readily admits to being photographically obsessed and takes every opportunity the Leica-M rangefinder camera affords to see differently wherever assignments take him.

Leica MP-MP Questions & Answers includes essays on such topics as 'The ethos of Leica', 'Why Film?' , 'The Rangefinder View.', as well as a detailed assessment of the Leica MP.

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