LEICA M7 HANDBOOK by Jonathan Eastland

ISBN: 0 9536241 5 3
Format: A5. Laminated Hardcover. 144 pages including 16 pages of colour.
Publisher: Ajax News & Feature Service.
Published price: GBP24.95. Publication date: Jan 2003.

This recently published book gives a thorough introduction to the Leica M7 electronically operated rangefinder camera introduced at PMA in 2002.

The Leica M7 HANDBOOK examines this new camera in detail; its exposure measurement system. New AUTO (aperture priority), MANUAL and MECHANICAL operating modes and TTL flash exposure measurement features using Metz and Leica electronic flash units are comprehensively covered. The author shares his experience on selecting and using the superb range of current and older Leica-M lenses in a special chapter entitled 'Objective selections', looks at film choices and describes both current and independent accessories from the working professional's viewpoint.

The Leica M7 has established itself as the model of preferred choice amongst many photojournalists for its ease of use in AUTO mode combined with a stunningly accurate exposure meter. Used with the Leica-M motor, the M7 is transformed into a rapid response package which can be relied upon to capture essential images from fast moving events.

This recent title, while aimed principally at Leica users, also contains practical photographic advice for users of other 35mm rangefinder marques. An original layout facilitates easy reading and quick access to special user information in its appendix. High quality paper has been selected for textual clarity and a stunning photo of the new camera graces the laminated hard cover.

The book is available direct from the UK publisher, specialist Leica camera dealers, all good bookshops or order direct on-line from www.ajaxnetphoto.com.

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