LEICA M6 TTL HANDBOOK by Jonathan Eastland

ISBN: 0 9536241 0 2
Format: A5. Laminated Hardcover. 192 pages including 16 pages of colour.
Publisher: Ajax News & Feature Service.
Published price: GBP24.95. Publication date: May 2000.


Jonathan Eastland's LEICA M6TTL HANDBOOK published in May 2000 continues to gain a steady following in the world of Leica.

Following on the heels of this popular author's other highly acclaimed practical Leica titles, this book gives a thorough introduction to what is arguably the finest Leica rangefinder camera manufactured in recent years.

The Leica M6 TTL camera was introduced at photokina in 1998 and is radically different from previous Leica M6 models, incorporating special features for computerised control of through-the-lens flash exposure measurement. It is now one of the few remaining high quality purely mechanical photographic instruments of recent manufacture still readily available on the used Leica market.

The author of LEICA M6TTL HANDBOOK is an award winning professional photojournalist who was privileged to have access to prototype and series production models of this fabulous new camera providing detailed research for his new book.

The LEICA M6 TTL HANDBOOK comprehensively covers every aspect of using the new camera and includes detailed information on the superb range of Leica-M lenses and accessories as well as much useful information on using the camera to obtain the best results.

The M6TTL, the M7 and MP, are the new classics in the Leica analogue line-up, underwriting a continued interest in the use of rangefinder cameras and traditional silver halide photography. This title, while aimed principally at Leica users, also contains a wealth of practical advice for users of other 35mm rangefinder marques.

High quality silk paper has been selected for textual clarity and a stunning photo of the camera graces the laminated hard cover.

The book is available direct from the UK publisher, specialist Leica camera dealers, all good bookshops or order direct on-line from www.ajaxnetphoto.com.

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